Daniel S.

I cannot recommend James enough! Thank you James for being such a consistent support in my journey to manage my ADHD. You shared resources and tools that worked for me, and others that did not, but you always opened a space where I felt comfortable sharing and receiving help. Thanks to you, I learned how well coworking worked for me. I also combined it with a "pomodoro timer" in a "power hour" with a good friend where they came up with a really cool flow and I get so. much. shit. done! and surprisingly, I feel energized after. Even as I write this I stepped away when my timer went off, which gives me the pause I need so badly to not burn out. My next step, as you outline in very supportive emails you send after every meeting, is to time-box. I would not be able to share and take notes, and your emails are records of our wonderful meetings. Thank you again James, I am sure we will work together again soon!